Ohta Chinese Herbal Gastrointestinal Medicine Ⅱ

Type-2 OTC medicine


Chinese herbal digestive medicine good for “stress gastric lesion” caused by distress, anxiousness, tension and the like.


Chinese Herbal Gastrointestinal Medicine Ⅱis suggested for a person with “stress gastric lesion”

“Stress gastric lesion” is a state that the autonomic nerve is imbalanced under a stress caused by anxiousness, tension and the like, resulting in a disordered stomach condition. Ohta Chinese Herbal Gastrointestinal Medicine Ⅱfixes up such disturbed autonomous nerves and improves the disordered stomach such as stomachache, loss of appetite, and vomiting tendency.


Prescription is strengthened by herbal medicine “poria sclerotium”

Ohta Chinese Herbal Gastrointestinal Medicine Ⅱis a Chinese herbal digestive medicine “An Zhong San combined with Hoelen” being useful in our stressful modern society. This product is made further effective against stress by adding the ataractic herbal medicine “hoelen” to the herbal prescription “an zhong san” which improves the disturbed autonomous nerve. Furthermore, it is best fitted for a person having a constant weak stomach, and an aged person with a chronic gastritis.


Suggested for a person in the following state

Digestive medicine suggested for a person with stress caused by office work, household affairs, child care, etc.; a person having an disordered stomach either without overdrinking or without overeating;and a person with constant weak stomach and intestines.

Effect and efficacy

Symptoms such as neurotic gastritis, chronic gastritis, and gastrointestinal weakness, especially when a person is with a physical strength being less than intermediate degree, with his or her powerless stomach,in a highly nervous state with a stomachache or bowel ache, and sometimes suffering from heartburn, belching, feeling heavy with food on the stomach, inappetence, vomiting tendency, emesis, etc.

Suggested use and Amount per serving

Take the following amount, with warm or cool water, after meal or between meals (including before sleeping) or when hungry.

Age Amount per serving Daily serving
(15 years old and above)
1 sachet 3 times
7~14 years old 2/3 sachet
Less than 7 years old Do not take

* "Between meals" means 2 to 3 hours after the previous meal.

Product life: Indicated on the bottom surface of the package.


The daily serving of 3 sachets contains the following ingredients.

Ingredients Constituent Herbal Medicine Amount Explanation
An Zhong San combined with Hoelen, in powder 2,100mg
(powdered compound consisting of the herbal medicines listed on the right side.)
Hoelen 500mg A powdered compound of constituent herbal medicine being smashed as is. Without being heated, aromatic ingredients are abundantly contained, making the stomach work better.
Cinnamon 300mg
Corydalis decumbens 300mg
Oyster shell 300mg
Fennel 200g
Amomi semen 200g
Licorice 200g
Alpiniae Officinari Rhizoma 100g
An Zhong San combined with Hoelen, in extract 270mg
(Herbal medicines listed on the right side have been extracted, dried and powdered.)
Hoelen 810mg An extract of effective ingredients of the constituent herbal medicines having been extracted and concentrated.
Cinnamon 486mg
Corydalis decumbens 486mg
Oyster shell 486mg
Fennel 324mg
Amomi semen 324mg
Licorice 324mg
Alpiniae Officinari Rhizoma 162mg
Additive Hydroxypropylcellulose, hydrotalcite, magnesium aluminometasilicate, cellulose