Ohta Isan A<in tablet>

Type-2 OTC medicine


Tablet type digestive medicine suggested in a state of feeling heavy with food on the stomach or overeating.


Digestive medicine suitable when eating a heavy meal.

Four kinds of digestives efficiently decompose oil & fat, protein, and carbohydrate, so that a state of feeling heavy with food on stomach, heartburn and the like are eased which is likely caused by a heavy meal such as meat.


Tablet being able to take in with ease

The small grain makes it easy to take in. In addition, as the tablet quickly melts and spreads inside the stomach, the user can have a clean finish after taking in the tablet.


The divided type being easy to carry about

The product of 45 tablets is provided in a slimly divided type containing 3 tablets per serving. When carrying the divided type in your bag or porch, you will be able to safely take in the tablets even when eating too much of tasty meal.

Effect and efficacy

Feeling heavy with food on the stomach, overeating, stomachache, heartburn, loss of appetite, digestive trouble, digestant, excessive drinking of alcohol,gastric hyperacidity, lump in throat, epigastric distress, distention at a gastric or abdominal region, weak stomach, stomach heaviness, emesis,belching, vomiting tendency (queasiness, hangover, qualm, a feeling of sickness, nausea)

Suggested use and Amount per serving

Take the following amount after meal or between meals (including before sleeping). When you have a loss of appetite, the product may be taken in before meal. The tablet can also be bitten.

Age Amount per serving Daily serving
(15 years old and above)
3 tablets 3 times
8~14 years old 2 tablets
5~7 years old 1 tablets
Less than 5 years old Do not take

* “Between meals” means 2 to 3 hours after the previous meal.

Product life: Indicated on the lateral or bottom surface of the package (45 tablets).


The daily serving of 9 tablets contains the following ingredients.

Ingredient Category Name Amount Function
Digestive Lipase AP6 60mg Enzyme to digest oil and fat
Prozyme 6 30mg Enzyme to digest protein
Biodiastase 1000 60mg Enzyme to digest starch and protein
Ursodeoxycholic acid 12.6mg Secretion of bile is promoted, and oil and fat digestion is enhanced
Gastric antacid Sodium hydrogen carbonate 1,530mg Each gastric antacid, with different duration of activity such as in quick effect, durability, slow effect, neutralizes excessive acids and adjust acidity in the stomach.
Synthetic hydrotalcite 900mg
Precipitated calcium carbonate 270mg
Component of stomachica herbal medicine Cinnamon oil 10.40mg Stomach function is improved by the special aroma and stomachica effect provided by the herbal medicine components.
Lemon oil 4.46mg
Fennel oil 1.65mg
Additive Thomentol,milk sugar,4,4'-tetramethyldiaminodiphenylmethane (tartrazine), Arabian gum, magnesium stearate, magnesium carbonate, carmellose calcium, cellulose, natural vitamin E