Ohta Isan drug for controlling intestinal function

Type-3 OTC medicine


Drug for controlling intestinal function, in a combination of lactic acid bacteria and herbal medicine, designed for a person with a sensitive intestine.


lactic acid bacterium works to make intestines resistant to stimulations.

Three kinds of intact cells consistent of 2 kinds of lactic acid bacteria (bifidus bacteria and lactomin (gasseri)) and 1 lactic acid bacterium respectively work in an effective mode, so that the disturbed intestines are made to be well-balanced and that intestinal conditions are made to be ideally resistant to stimulations.


Intestinal function is normalized to be effective for a sensitive bowel

Two kinds of intestinal function controlling herbal medicines (i.e., Geranium herb and Mallotus japonicas) work to normalize the intestinal function. Loose stool and astriction are improved, intestinal state is repaired, and beneficial bacterium is made to stay fit.


Suggested use by persons with the following symptoms.

This intestinal function controlling drug is suggested to a person with a week stomach; a person with a loose bowel caused by mental stress, drinking of alcohol and the like; and a person disturbed with a distended bowel.

Effect and efficacy

Loose stool, intestinal regulation (to have normal bowel movement), a person with astriction, distention at a gastric or abdominal region.

Suggested use and Amount per serving

Serve the below-mentioned amount(s) after meal.

Age Amount per serving Daily serving
(15 years old and above)
3 tablets 3 times
8~14 years old 2 tablets
5~7 years old 1 tablet
Less than 5 years old Do not take

* Product life: Indicated at the back side of the package.


The daily serving of 9 tablets contains the following ingredients.

Ingredient Category Name Amount Function
Intact Cell Bifidus bacterium 30mg A typical beneficial bacterium working mainly in a large bowel, inhibiting the growth of a bad bacterium, and improving intestinal conditions.
30mg A lactic acid bacterium working mainly in a small bowel,and inhibiting the growth of a bad bacterium.
Lactic acid bacterium 90mg A beneficial bacterium being strong against gastric acid, and aiding the growth of a bifidus bacterium
Intestinal function controlling herbal medicine Geranium herb extract
(based on geranium herb)
The peristaltic motion of a large bowel and a small bowel is controlled; disturbed bowel movement is repaired; and loose stool and astriction is improved
Mallotus japonicas extract
(based on mallotus japonicas)
Stomach and bowel mucous membranes are remedied. In addition, stomach and bowel functions are repaired, with improvement of loose stool and astriction.
stomachica herbal medicine Powdered gentian 51mg Enhances stomach function and improves digestion.
Digestive enzyme Biodiastase 1000 60mg Multiple enzyme to digest starch and protein
Additive Thomentol, hydroxypropylcellulose, lactose, silicic acid anhydride,magnesium stearate, cellulose, hydrogenated maltose starch syrup