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Corporate Profile

Corporate Name
Summary of Corporate Establishment
Established in the name of “Sekkodo” by Nobuyoshi Ohta (the first) at Nihonbashi, Tokyo on June 8, 1879, starting sales of gastrointestinal medicine “Ohta’s Isan”. “Ohta’s Isan” is an aromatic stomachic and digestive having been manufactured and distributed since the establishment. Currently available in a series of products in the forms of powder, tablet, and liquid.
Corporate Name (JP)
株式会社 太田胃散
Location of Headquarters
3-2, Sengoku 2-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0011, Japan MAP
Year of Establishment
June 1879
Business Lineup
Manufacture and sales of pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, and health supplements
Stock Market
Not listed
Stock Capitalization
96 Million Yen
President, Chief Executive Officer
Atsuyuki Ohta

Corporate Introduction

OHTA’S ISAN Co., Ltd.(株式会社 太田胃散 in Japanese)is a medicine manufacturing and distributing company established in 1879.
Its headquarters is located at Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, and its product named “Ohta’s Isan” has been well known in the market.
In addition to the medicine, the company started a new division of healthcare food in 2003.
Its drugs & medicines have been improved in coordination with consumers’ change in lifestyle.

Corporate History

Founder, Nobuyoshi Ohta (the first) was born in February at Mibumachi, Shimotsuga-gun, Tochigi Prefecture.
Nobuyoshi Ohta (the first) obtained the approval for a patent medicine concerning a production and sales of Isan, and started to sell in the product name of “Isan”. When he went to Osaka on business, he suffered poor health and had a medical checkup by the doctor named Sessai Ogata, who was the son-in-law of Koan Ogata, a doctor and Dutch learning scholar. Nobuyoshi Ohta got well when he took the medicine prescribed by Dr. Bauduin, an excellent doctor from Holland. “Ohta’s Isan” has been based on that prescription.
The office was opened in August, and the pharmaceutical plant was expanded.
Sales was started under the name of “Sekkodo’s Isan”.
In December, Makoto Ohta assumed the name of Nobuyoshi Ohta (the second).
In November, the product started to be sold under the name of “Ohta’s Isan” and its trademark was registered.
Our export was started to Canada, Brazil, etc.
In December, Toshio Ohta assumed post of president, taking over the name of Nobuyoshi Ohta (the third).
In September, the corporate name was changed to “OHTA’S ISAN Co., Ltd.”
In September, Akira Ohta, vice president was promoted to the fourth president.
In June, our export of “Ohta’s Isan<Sachet>” to Hong Kong was started.
In April, our export of “Ohta’s Isan” and “Ohta’s Isan<Sachet>” to Taiwan was started along with “OHTA-D TABLET”.
In September, “Ohta Kampo Ichoyaku” was newly put on the market.
In October, our export of “Ohta’s Isan” and “Ohta’s Isan<Sachet>” to South Korea was started.
In April, “Ohta’s Isan (can)” was marketed in three items.
In June, Akira Ohta, president assumed post of chairman, and Yoshiaki Ohta, vice president assumed post of the fifth president.
In June, the project planning division (current Healthcare Sales Department) was installed to participate in healthcare foods.
In September, “Ohta’s Isan<Sachet>” was marketed in three items.
In February, “Ohta Kampo Ichoyaku Ⅱ” was newly put on the market.
In March, “Ohta’s Isan Seichoyaku” was newly put on the market.
In September, “Ohta’s Isan<Naifukueki>”, “Ohta’s Isan<Naifukueki> S”, and “Ohta’s Isan Chewable NEO” were put on the market.
In October, “LOCOFIT GL” was put on the market.
In December, our online sales site “OHTA’S ISAN Kenko Syokuhin-kan” was opened.
In September, Ohta’s Isan NEXT was put on the market for sale at convenience stores.
In March, Soiyoguru, a health food containing the company’s proprietary lactic acid bacteria KS-1, was put on the market as a new soymilk-exclusive seed strain.
In October, Ohta's Isan ANTACID <Sachet> export to the United States started.
In June, a ceremony was held to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the company’s founding.
In December, Ohta’s Isan Seichoyaku De・Rumoa Tablet was put on the market.
In July, the Ohta’s Isan Overseas Flagship Store, a Chinese cross-border EC site, opened.
In October, Yoshiaki Ohta, President, was appointed as the Chairperson. Atsuyuki Ohta, Vice President, was appointed as the sixth President.

Main Products


Ohta’s Isan
An integrated type of Gastrointestinal Medicine taking advantage of natural herbal medicine. Seven kinds of stomachic herbal medicines recover the weakened stomach, and improve uncomfortable symptoms by overdrinking, overeating, and feeling heavy with food in the stomach. Further, our special production process provides pleasant and refreshed feeling of the medicine.
Ohta’s Isan<Sachet>
This is made of the same formula as the above-mentioned Ohta’s Isan, but because of being individually packed, the sachet type is convenient enough to carry for outdoor use.
Ohta’s Isan A<Tablet>
A tablet type of gastrointestinal medicine, being effective for states such as overeating and indigestion. As the four kinds of digestive ingredients efficiently decompose fat, protein, and carbohydrates, the symptoms such as stomach upset caused by eating meats and other oily and fatty foods can be eased.

Overseas Clients

Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan,
USA, Singapore, Mongolia