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Privacy Policy

OHTA’S ISAN Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) observes the Act on the Protection of Personal Information with consideration of the importance of personal information protection, adequately protects personal information in its business activities, and has established the following privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as “this Policy”) as a voluntary standard. Furthermore, the Company will comply with this Policy for the services (hereinafter referred to as “the services”) that the Company provides on this website.

  1. Article 1 (Personal information)
    ”Personal information” refers to each living individual’s personal information defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. Each living individual’s personal information includes data on the individual’s name, date of birth, address, telephone number, and contact information. It also includes data that make it possible to identify the specific individual (personal identification information), such as data on the individual’s appearance, fingerprints, voiceprints, and health insurance card number.
  2. Article 2 (Information to be acquired)
    In providing the services, the Company will use an ID (hereinafter referred to as a “unique ID”) to acquire the customer’s action history and attribute information. The unique ID is issued randomly with unique character strings for each browser and application that a customer wishes to browse and use the services and contents.

    The Company may acquire the following information from the browser:

    • IP address
    • URL of the website visited, referrer (search word), and date and time of access
    • User-agent information on the browser (the names of the device, OS and application software used)

    By combining these information items, it is possible to identify each individual, which, however, the Company will not do even if there is a possibility that an individual can be identified from the acquired data.

  3. Article 3 (Purpose of collecting and using personal information)
    The Company collects and uses personal information for the following purposes: To provide and operate services
    1. 1.

      To identify and refuse customers who attempt to use services in violation of the Terms of Use or for fraudulent or unjust purposes

    2. 2.

      To measure and improve the effectiveness of advertisements

    3. 3.

      To distribute behavioral marketing ads

    4. 4.

      To conduct market analysis and for marketing purposes

    5. 5.

      To assume demographic information, such as gender information, by analogy

    6. 6.

      To control the frequency of advertisement browsing

  4. Article 4 (Change of purpose of use)
    The Company will change the purpose of use of personal information only if it is reasonably deemed that the purpose of use is relevant to the one before the change. If the purpose of the use is changed, customers will be notified of the purpose after the change, or it will be announced on this website by the method prescribed by the Company.
  5. Article 5 (Use of Google Analytics™)
    This website uses Google Analytics™ to get traffic data. If a customer wants to refuse the use of cookies by Google Analytics™, the customer can opt out of it through the website provided by Google Analytics ™.
    * Google Analytics™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
  6. Article 6 (Delivery of advertisements)
    The Company obtains customer attribute information from cookies by using a program provided by advertising distribution companies and conducts behavioral targeting advertisements on specific sites. That is, the Company uses an advertising method that distributes advertisements according to the interests of each customer based on the customers’ site browsing information. Advertisement distribution companies use cookies and distribute advertisements that match the interests of the customer. Cookies use attribute information, including approximate location, age, and gender information, but do not include personally identifiable information.
  7. Article 7 (Provision of personal information to third parties)
    The Company will not provide personal information on any customer to third parties without the customer’s consent, except in the cases specified below and where permitted by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws and regulations.
    1. 1.

      In the case of the necessity of protecting the customer’s life, body, or property, and it is difficult to obtain the customer’s consent.

    2. 2.

      In the case of the necessity of cooperating with national institutions or local governments or those commissioned by governmental institutions or local governments in performing the affairs prescribed by law and if obtaining the consent of the person may hinder the execution of the affairs.

    3. 3.

      In the case of the notification or announcement of the following items made in advance and the Company has notified the Personal Information Protection Commission of the same:

    • The fact that the purpose of the use includes the provision of information to third parties
    • Personal information items provided to third parties
    • The means or method of providing personal information to third parties
    • The fact that the provision of personal information to third parties will be stopped at the request of the customer
    • The method of accepting the customer’s request

    Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, parties provided with personal information shall not be third parties in the following cases:

    1. 1.

      The Company outsources all or part of the handling of personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

    2. 2.

      Personal information is provided as a result of the succession of business due to mergers or other reasons.

    3. 3.

      Personal information is provided on the condition that it is shared with specific entities and that the customer is informed of the condition in advance, or put in a state where the customer can easily know of the condition, along with the items of personal information to be shared, the range and purposes of the shared information of users, and the name or nomination of the person responsible for the management of the personal information.

  8. Article 8 (Disclosure of personal information)
    The Company, when requested by a customer to disclose the Customer’s personal information, will reveal it to the customer without delay. However, the Company may not disclose any or part of the information if the disclosure falls under any of the cases specified below. If the Company decides not to disclose any of the items of information, the Company will notify the customer without delay.
    There is a risk of harming the customer or a third party’s life, body, property, or other rights and interests.
    There is a risk of significantly hindering the proper execution of the Company’s business.
    There is a case of leading to the violation of other laws or regulations.
    Regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, information other than personal information, such as history information or characteristics information, will not be disclosed in principle.
  9. Article 9 (Correction and deletion of personal information)
    If a customer’s personal information held by the Company is incorrect, the customer may request the Company’s correction, addition, or deletion (hereinafter referred to as “correction, etc.”) of the personal information in accordance with the procedures determined by the Company.
    If the Company receives a customer’s request and determines that it is necessary to respond to the request, the Company shall correct the personal information without delay. The Company will notify the customer without delay if the Company’s correction, etc. are made in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, or if a decision is made not to make such corrections.
  10. Article 10 (Suspension of use of personal information, etc.)
    The Company will conduct a necessary investigation without delay, if a customer requests the suspension or deletion (hereinafter referred to as “suspension, etc.”) of use of the customer’s personal information, for the reason that it is used for purposes outside the scope of the purpose of use, or that it has been obtained through improper means.
    If the Company determines that it is necessary to respond to the request based on the results of the investigation as per the preceding paragraph, the Company shall suspend the use of the customer’s personal information without further delay.
    If the Company suspends the use or decides not to do so under the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the Company will notify the customer without further delay.
    Additionally, if a high cost is involved in suspending the use of personal information, or if it is difficult to suspend its use, the Company will take necessary alternative measures, if available.
  11. Article 11 (Change in the Policy)
    The contents of this Policy may be changed without notice to customers, except in cases where it is required by laws, regulations, or other matters specified in this Policy. Unless explicitly specified by the Company, the revised Policy shall take effect from the time it is posted on this website.
  12. Article 12 (Contact for inquiries)
    For inquiries regarding this Policy, contact the following office.

    General Affairs Group, Management Department, OHTA’S ISAN Co., Ltd.
    3-2, Sengoku 2-Chome, Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo, 112-0011
    Tel: +81-3-3944-1311; Fax: +81-3-3944-4626
    Reception hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year’s holiday, and closed days specified by the Company)

    The Company is a target business of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association of Japan, an organization for personal information protection certified by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare. The Association accepts complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information of the target business.

    Personal Information Protection Center, The Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association of JAPAN Tokyo Yakugyo Bldg, 2-1-5, Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023
    Tel: +81-3-3270-1810
    Reception hours: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year’s holiday, and closed days specified by the Company)
    URL : http://www.fpmaj.gr.jp/